Purlins – Metframe


  • Manufactured from hi-tensile G450 galvanised steel
  • Purlins are available at individual customer specification


Metframe offers a range of Purlins in C and Z profiles manufactured from hi-tensile G450 galvanised steel, with a minimum Z350 coating. Purlins are available in a range of thicknesses, cut to length, unpunched or punched to customer specification. Purlins are available in 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300 (1.2 mm to 3.2 mm) sections. The range is suitable for use across commercial, industrial, rural and domestic appliances.



Metframe Z Section Purlins

Z section purlins have a one broad and one narrow flange. These are designed to sit neatly and are used for lapping at internal supports. This produces structurally continuous lines of purlins for the length of the building.

Structural continuity results in improved rigidity, but lapping doubles the thickness of the purlins over the supports where bending movement is the greatest.

Metframe C Section Purlins

C section purlins are recommended for use in simple, non-continuous span construction. Suitable applications included portal frames, roofing, single bay buildings, wall cladding and flooring systems.

  • Available in a range of thicknesses & cut to length
  • Unpunched or punched to customer specification
  • Z Section Purlins saves 30 – 50% of steel in purlins relative to C Section Purlins
  • When additional purlin strength is required, Z Section Purlins of the same depth but greater thickness can be lapped as needed


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