Our Product – Metframe

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Fiji’s most trusted manufacturer of steel roofing products,
wall frames & trusses, together with, galvanised pipes and tubes


MetHome uses the latest technology to design and detail your steel frame home. Our clients can choose from one of our standard designs or alternatively, customise an option of their own.


Roofing Iron

Metframe is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of an extensive range of roofing products including Roofing Sheets, Purlins, Flashings & Gutters, together with, Cladding Profiles.


Tubes & Pipes

The Hot Dipped Galvanised Pipes are made using quality steel metal with a galvanised coating. These pipes are coated with a layer of zinc covering the weld joint for corrosion resistance. We make sure our pipes have a tough and uniform barrier coating, which helps in long term protection and makes them suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments.